Establishing a Regional Supply Chain Council Chapter


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As a means to support the broad and deep development of the transport and logistics sector in Georgia and to introduce state-of-the-art training, knowledge, technology and best practices from around the world, the USAID Economic Prosperity Initiative is supporting the establishment of the very first Supply Chain Council (SCC) regional chapter in Georgia for the Caucasus and Central Asia. Chapter establishment will be transformational in the development of the transport and logistics sector in Georgia, while embracing the goals of the Government of Georgia to turn Georgia into a regional logistics hub. As a result Georgia will become more connected into regional supply chains that span from Central Asia to the Middle East and Europe.

This report is presented in six main sections below. The first section provides a background on the current transportation and logistics situation in Georgia laying the basis for the need to establish a Chapter of the SCC. This is followed by the methodology used to prepare this report. The next sections present the findings including the transportation and logistics support structure in Georgia and detailed discussion on establishing the Caucasus Chapter of the SCC. A report on the Istanbul Logitrans Exhibition is included, which the EPI team visited, and finally the recommended next steps in establishing the Chapter and further strengthening the transport and logistics sector in Georgia, making the country a key link in the development of the Caucasus Trade Corridor.