Vegetable Market Strategy Development


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Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI) has identified the development of the vegetable market in Georgia as one of its main priorities and is in the process of developing several initiatives to stimulate further growth in this sector. Within the scope of this strategy, the vegetable market includes all vegetable market value chain actors. The competitiveness of the value chain varies significantly from actor to actor, and there are many gaps in the value chain that must be resolved to increase the competiveness of Georgian vegetables both domestically and in the international export markets.

This strategy directly addresses the gaps in the vegetable market – including the primary production, postharvest handling, and distribution stages – as outlined by the EPI Vegetable Market Assessment. Through overall increased productivity gains and by understanding, targeting, and filling these gaps, the vegetable sector can increase domestic sales and become competitive internationally.

The objective of the scope of work is to create and design a strategy to make sure that the vegetable sector reaches the level of competitiveness for exportation. To accomplish this objective, the consultant conducted extensive quantitative and qualitative research to identify solutions to directly address the gaps in the value chain outlined within the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) EPI Vegetable Market Assessment that are culturally and economically relevant to vegetable market value chain actors in Georgia.