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Georgia benefits from strategic location, beautiful physical features and historical treasures, and talented, energetic people. In recent years, a democratically elected, forward-looking government has created an empowering, laissez-faire business environment, complementing these natural endowments with an atmosphere in which business can flourish. Recognizing that this combination of assets and opportunity is rare in the world, the U.S. Government wishes to strengthen, deepen, and institutionalize these developments to ensure continued peace, stability, and democratic political and economic growth.

The Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI) project has conducted 18 assessments for value chains in agriculture and non-agriculture sectors in Georgia. In addition, two deep sector assessments are underway, for ICT and Transport & Logistics. Through these assessments, the EPI team has identified 17 priority value chains as target partners for project implementation. EPI‘s work with the ICT and Transport & Logistics sectors, which are elements of many value chains, will contribute to the competitiveness of the entire economy.

This Value Chain Assessment Report presents the results of EPI‘s further investigations into 18 value chains and 2 sectors and identifies the value chains with which EPI recommends engagement to support Georgia‘s competitiveness growth.

 The Value Chain Assessments enabled EPI to validate several value chains that should be recommended for EPI‘s implementation partnerships, most of which were the same as those identified through initial strategic hypotheses.