Hazelnut Production Assessment and Training


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The purpose of this report is to assist the USAID/EPI staff that is working under CNFA and Deloitte Consulting LLP with locally grown hazelnuts. By using the experience of growing and processing hazelnuts in the State of Oregon, in this report there is identified the ways to implement or add value to the local hazelnut production. While the trees are vastly different in tree structure, there are similar concerns and issues that Georgia and Oregon have in common.

Although the Georgian hazelnut is a large part of the Georgian agricultural economy, there are still many ways in which the Georgian hazelnut farmer can improve their quality and the consistency of their nuts. By observing what hazelnut farmers’ current production techniques and methods are, this consultancy was able to recommend and suggest new practices in order to increase the hazelnut’s quality and consistency. By performing soil analysis, leaf analysis, controlling pests through IPM methods, controlling grass and weeds, as well as planting trees more closely, the hazelnut yields would be significantly improved in Georgia.

The paper includes technical recommendations to hazelnut farmers throughout Georgia in order to obtain higher quality and greater yields.