Georgia Hazelnuts Assessment


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Georgia is currently a small player in the global hazelnut industry. Being attached to Turkey, the main player, Georgia fills supply needs in this country and has direct field grade and raw material and semifinished product shipments to main European markets. In addition, the production is stable and limited to small farming activities, in which packers are supplied by farmers through a middleman and direct sales to packers. This situation is seriously limiting the development of new production. Georgia has substantial amounts of land available for hazelnut production.

USAID/EPI brought a consultant who is a hazelnut marketing expert to Georgia on a two-week visit. The consultant’s deliverables were to observe and analyze which if any improvements needed to be made to the hazelnut value chain. In order to market hazelnuts to the most profitable markets, and in order to ensure that hazelnuts are of the best quality that they can be, this Georgian hazelnut assessment was conducted.

This report discusses the value chain of the hazelnut and recommends the improvements to the hazelnut value chain in Georgia.