Wine Opinion-Shapers Visit To Georgia


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The Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI) is working with Georgia‘s private and public sectors to improve tourism in Georgia through expanding global knowledge and familiarity with the Georgia wine and Georgian culture. The development of tourism in Georgia can go hand-in- hand with the efforts to develop the overall knowledge of Georgia by utilizing wines as the key that opens the door to Georgian tourism.

One of the efforts undertaken to expand knowledge about Georgia and tourism opportunities took place prior to the grape harvest in the fall of 2011. Through the EPI program, eight leading wine experts from the U.S. traveled to the wine regions of Georgia, met with the wineries, and explored the opportunities associated with Georgian wine and wine tourism in Georgia. This effort, coordinated by 2020 Development Company LLC built upon earlier efforts by USAID and 2020DC, brought wine opinion shapers in the form of four Masters of Wine (MW), a leading wine maker and three top journalists to Georgia. This collection of reports by the Opinion Shapers summarizes the findings of these individuals, addresses their concerns and ideas for developing Georgian wine tourism and wine industries.