Key Features of Georgian Women Entrepreneurs Recent Success: Why it is Important for Georgia to Share US Experience


    Irina Bakhtadze


    Entrepreneurship & SME

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Rapid growth of the women-owned rms in Georgia in 2003-2012 is a result of joint efforts taken by women movement activists, business women, society, and the government. It mirrors global tendencies towards women empowerment which is more likely to be achieved through women’s free and unrestricted access to economic opportunities. The article analyzes social and political situation of the country to explain the reasons why Georgian women have achieved success in the eld of business which was predominantly male domi- nated until very recently. A number of factors, both local and global, have affected women’s promotion as entrepreneurs. The analysis of the available data and facts has shown that the support of the government and international society directed towards women’s greater access to economic opportunities encouraged women’s active involvement in business.

The article discusses some interesting examples of international programs directed towards Georgian women entrepreneurs to highlight the signi cance of the support provided by USAID, EBRD, Canada International Development Agency, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and other donor organizations.